Booking The Band

This guide is intended to help you to make a success of your event by hiring York Railway Institute Band. The Band prides itself on high standards of music and presentation. We enjoy performing and sharing our music with others and you can read some of the excellent feedback we have received from our clients here. The performance itself, however, is only part of the overall event and in order that we make the best possible contribution we ask that you spend a few moments to check through this guide.

How to get the best from the Band:

What do you want the Band to do?

It's best to have a clear idea of what you want the Band to do at your event

What to provide

Outdoor engagements

The open air is a good place for a brass band in the summer, but attention should be given to the location.


York Railway Institute Band is an amateur organisation and most of their players have full-time jobs, so it is often difficult to get the Band together during working hours, but not always impossible so it is always worth enquiring as to our availability.

We take bookings up to a year in advance, occasionally longer. Please book early.

As a minimum please can you give four weeks' notice of a booking. A list of engagements for the current year can be found here.

Once at the venue, the Band will require time to set up – at least an hour prior to the playing time, possibly longer in certain circumstances. If there is a shared arena, then details will be required on how and when the interchange between performances will take place.

The Band prefers engagements that have a reasonable length of playing required. An event that only demands 15 or 20 minutes of music is not ideal. An hour or two is more usual, and ensures that you get the best value from the Band. A typical format concert would be 45 minutes playing in each half, with a 15-30 minute break, however, ultimately, we will play to your requirements.


You will not have to pay professional rates for the services of the Band. However, our performances are always carried out to a professional standard and our presentation is also excellent. An appropriate fee will be quoted to you once we know what your requirements are, however, we can assure you that we provide excellent value for money.

You will be sent an invoice in advance of the concert and payment can be made by cheque on the day or following the concert by cheque or BACS transfer (within 28 days). We would prefer not to be paid in cash, however, if that is your preference that is also fine by us.

Contacting us

Please Martyn Groves-Williams with your contact details and he will phone you to talk through your requirements or you can phone Martyn on 07921 568826.

If you have any queries whatsoever about this guide, or any other aspect of hiring York Railway Institute Band, please contact the Secretary.